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The term Halal is an Arabic word and refers to lawful, legal, allowed, un-prohibited, legitimate . Halal food is permitted by Islamic law. Food comes under Halal diet if it does not include anything considered as filth like alcohol, pork, urine, feces, blood and carrion. If food is forbidden to consume, it is known as haraam. Some people think that halal foods are not healthy and are not prepared in a hygienic manner. But, they are wrong.
A halal diet has highly benefits and helps to reduce cholesterol, saturated fat. Halal foods are healthier than non-halal diet. These foods can be cooked in any style. They cannot contain alcohol. There are some soft drinks that are considered as Halal as they don’t include alcohol and other alcohol ingredients. Halal meal stays fresh longer than regular dishes. Also, the taste is better! The process of preparing a Halal diet is the most hygenic way. The food production process found in Torah, Bible and Quran are highly effective for human health than the commercial food production process. According to Muslims, eating is a part of good health and worship. Overeating is not permitted in Muslims. People who consider a Halal diet can fight with many diseases. In order to maintain their Halal status, Muslims don’t accept to consume meat and other meat containing foods as they just obey Islamic law.

Beneficial aspects of Halal Foods:

Halal diet is beneficial than standard meal and following are the reasons:
• No risk of food poisoning
• Less allergic reactions
• No problems with the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs of the body.
• Easier to digest
• Healthier than non-halal food

Here is a list of popular and healthy halal diet:

Grain products- include rice, pasta, white or brown bread, cereals, baked products made from halal ingredients
Vegetables and products- All vegetables, fruits and juices are considered under halal foods.
Dairy products- Milk, ice cream, curd, cheese made with microbial enzymes.
Meat and other alternatives- Halal meat is slaughtered under Islamic law. Other halal meat alternatives include eggs, nuts, seeds, peas, lentils, seafood, tofu and dried beans.
Beverages- Include juice, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, punch and cocktails
Fats- Fats and oils include vegetable oils, butter, margarine and mayonnaise.
Sweeteners- Include sugar, chocolates, honey, syrup
Desserts and sweets- All come under halal food if they are not prepared using alcohol
Healthy soups and sauces- All soups and sauces are halal
Other Halal foods- Spices, pickles, jam, coconut milk and chutneys
Halal food considers a number of basic Islam guidelines and are not forbidden. It is also equally important to prepare Halal food according to Islam standards. All the halal foods are derived from animals that have been prepared following Islam law considering the statement, “In the name of God – God is the Greatest/Bismillahi Allahu Akbar”. Muslims can eat only the meat that has been prepared following the Islam law. Halal products are completely separated from non-halal foods.

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How is Halal Meat healthier than regular meat?

Meat is an important food in everyone’s diet but buying met can be tricky. Meat is important as it is reach in proteins and minerals. It is rich in iron, zinc and other important minerals. Halal meat has the highest health benefits and quality as the animal is killed in the most hygienic and humane way unlike other slaughtering processes.
Halal is an Arabic term that implies “permissible” or “un-prohibited”. Muslims are not permitted to take foods that are prohibited in Islamic laws. These include pig meat, alcohol, blood in liquid form and other alcohol ingredients.
In the Islamic law, while slaughtering, the main arteries of animal are cut instantly with a sharp knife instead of cutting spinal cord and leave the animal to die. Muslims only consider Halal meat and in case, they are not able to find it, they generally eat eggs, fishes and dairy products but don’t choose to eat non-zabiha meat. There are hardly any Muslims who don’t follow the Islam guidelines and ever go for non-zabiha meat.
The rising acceptance of Halal meat because of its hygienic slaughtering and healthy processing methods is booming up in the global halal meat market. Recent studies have shown that Halal slaughtering aids in protecting people from many health diseases which are not in the case of conventional meats. According to Muslims, Halal Islamic slaughtering process is not just hygienic but also the most humane as it cause less pain to animals. In Machine slaughter, high electric voltage is utilized to kill the animals. The slaughtering process is carried out in Islam in a significant way to improve human health and quality of the Halal meat. Halal slaughtering includes cutting of arteries and throat with a sharp knife which enhances draining of animal’s blood and can prevent the growth and multiplication of harmful micro-organisms. According to recent estimates, consumption of Halal products is growing by 20 percent every year.

The evidence to Muslims’ claim that the slaughter of an animal with sharp knife is not painful and the most humane and hygienic was given by a Professor in Germany, who conducted a detailed research at Hanover University! The study named “Attempts to objectify pain and consciousness in conventional methods of slaughtering sheep and calves” was headed by Professor Wilhelm Schulze.

As already discussed about the slaughtering process of Islam, you can easily find which meat is healthier to eat. We all know in case of Halal meat, the animal’s main arteries in the neck are cut and the heart continues to beat in order to pump all the blood from its body. Blood is prohibited among Muslims and it also carries all the harmful bacteria’s and virus. That’s why, Halal or zabiha meat is healthier and more hygienic than conventional meat. Halal meat is light in color as it enables the animal to drain its blood even from the tiny veins. Red meat proves to be very harmful to an individual’s health according to medical studies. So, Halal meat must be consumed as it causes less injury to health.

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