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Baklava has been considered as a yummy desert from last many decades. Mediterraneans love it for its flaky texture and sweetness. It is a combination of different cultures and centuries that have made this mouth-watering desert that we love today.

Here is the brief history of delicious Baklava:
According to existing evidences, Baklava was originated as a desert in Central Turkey. While there are also claims that there was a dish known as Proto-Baklava which was there before the Ottoman Empire came into existence. The first record of the Baklava recipe was noticed in a Chinese cookbook of the 1330’s and was under the Mongol Dynasty. Under this recipe, the different layers of the Phyllo Dough were mixed and then sugar and warm milk were added to it.
The Mediterranean Baklava was served with fresh pomegranate or with walnuts. This desert is known to be served onto special occasions and is eaten in other areas the auspicious occasion of Ramadan. The best thing about the origin of mouth-watering desert Baklava is that it has not come from a single region. It is originated from Turks as well as other ethnic groups from different Middle Eastern regions. There is also a claim that Baklava recipe was tried thousands of years B.C. before and it used to be served to rich and high class people till as late as the 19th century.
In early time, when Baklava was not professionally established, the pastry dough was just rough and had a texture same as bread. It is noticed that Greek sailor fell in love with this pastry when they visited the Mediterranean shores. They brought this recipe to Greece. Here, major changes are made in the recipe for making Baklava dough. Professional Baklava makers then made it possible to roll the dough thin and soft. Here it got a name Phyllo which implies leaf in Greece.
With time, Baklava pastry underwent numerous changes and a number of regions and cultures contributed towards this desert. Baklava has Middle Eastern origins but today we consider it as French and was made by a former pastry chef who was working for Marie Antoinette living in the Ottoman Empire. He has developed the present dome-shaped way of creating serving this very popular dessert.
Today, you can find different varieties of Baklava pastries and other delicious desserts. Baklava is a sweet pastry made with layers of dough and nutty fillings i.e. almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, syrups, honey and cashews. Baklava is a decadent desert of excitement and zeal. Baklava Mediterranean pastries are suitable for all events including weddings, festivals, engagement parties, get-together, birthday parties, bridal showers etc.

Health Benefits of Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Pasteries:
Although Mediterranean Pastries are sweet deserts but their ingredients are surprisingly healthy. The nuts in Baklava Mediterranean Pastries are good source of magnesium, copper, folic acid, vitamin E, and dietary fiber and can control cholesterol levels. Honey in the pastries is also beneficial for health. It can help to regulate blood sugar.

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